Justin | Brackendrige Early College High School Senior Portrait Session

Do you know what Early College High School is? Allow me to geek out a bit. Why? Because this blog not only has to do with Justin’s LIT Graduating Senior Portrait Session but it also has to do with such a cool accomplishment of his.

Early College High School is a program that allows high school students to graduate high school with not only their high school diploma, but also with a two year college degree! I know right! 

Justin was a graduate of Brackenridge Early College High School with St. Philip’s College. This means two cap and gowns! Imagine being able to incorporate two achievements in one! I am always happy for these students and definitely happy for Justin. And what best way to congratulate him with some killer photos incorporating his football career and his two high schools. And of course, we can’t forget his mom. 🙂

Congratulations to Justin on graduating high school and to all those graduating this season!

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